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Cửa hàng áo dài móc len Thy Phụng là thành quả phấn đấu từ ước mơ thuở nhỏ của chị Phụng. Ngoài ra, cửa hàng còn bán thêm nhiều loại sản phẩm nhỏ xinh xắn khác cũng làm từ len vụn như: móc khóa, túi đựng điện thoại, USB, mũ, khăn, tranh len vụn,…
Em cảm thấy tốt hơn rất nhiều, không còn ngại ngần trò truyện với mọi người, biết cách bày tỏ mong muốn của mình để mọi người hiểu, thông cảm và có cách ứng xử phù hợp. Điều đó tạo thuận lợi rất nhiều cho em khi làm việc.
I found that people with disabilities still need support, but only when necessary. Even though I have to put more effort on studying than other students, I am not discouraged.
DRD is like an open environment for the soul; it is no longer thought that people with disabilities as the weak part of the society!
Even though I am deaf myself, I actually lack an understanding of people from the same background. I used to be scared of people with physical disabilities. Touching them by accident used to startle me. But later on when joining DRD, I eventually learned to be more accepting of differences and overcome such feelings.
People with disabilities are those who have a physical defect. Just like everybody else, they have their hearts, their brains and their feelings. What I wish for is that society will look at us with respect and treat us with equal opportunities like everybody else…
My lover is also a person with disability. I no longer feel insecure nor hesitates to love and dream of a happy family, just like any other girl. With love, belief and necessary skills, we can overcome every barrier.
People with disabilities do not use the pitiful appearance to get financial support, but everyone has their own ability to live independently.
My life has changed significantly. I do not care about my disability, do not have the fear of being looked at or commented any more. I become confident at school, freely have fun and glow with great happiness when I can do what I want.
A friend once said to me “If the disabled want the society to change views on them, they first need to change the way they perceive themselves.” Her attitude had such a powerful impact on me. I myself started to change, step by step, day by day.
Now Hoang has become accustomed to the activities and skill classes at DRD, and she has acquired comprehensive knowledge and an awareness of disabilities and PWDs, she no longer feels lonely, inept, or inferior to other people in society!
On joining DRD, I found I had an environment to share, to learn, to look for more job opportunities and to open my heart more to the society.
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When I urgently sought a place which would grant me admission, it was because of my discontent about the disadvantages for people with disabilities. But that was just an emotional quest, rather than really knowing what I wanted to do study. I used to lack confidence when facing with public opinion, be afraid of bullying and hateful words.
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Ngày ấy, tôi thậm chí không dám nghĩ là mình có thể nói chuyện trước đám đông. Tôi làm gì cũng tuỳ tiện, lộn xộn chứ không xác định mục đích rõ ràng. Đến DRD và thời gian đi dạy chữ cho các bé nhiễm HIV ở trung tâm Nuôi dưỡng bảo trợ trẻ em Linh Xuân, tôi chợt thấu hiểu giá trị của “cho và nhận” một cách sâu sắc
Lê Thị Bụi
Whenever I come to DRD, I always feel happy and friendly.
After 13 years of walking on his fractured legs throughout Saigon to earn a living by selling lottery tickets, Pham Nhu Y is now confident that he is not a person who only finished primary school, but this is a man who is not discouraged by difficulties, determined to study to find a job and owns great kindness.
Thanks to DRD, I deeply understand the rights of people with disabilities. Previously, I was afraid of going to inaccessible areas. Now, I want to go anywhere barriers have still existed to make some changes.
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